I received my master's degree in media arts from the Italian Academy of Arts, a bachelor's degree in cinema directing from Iran,I have completed a specialized course in documentary cinema at the London Film Academy in England,and a graphic diploma from an art school in Iran. After the conservatory, I followed manual and digital painting and visual arts experimentally by taking free classes and setting up individual and group exhibitions. And with cinema and media studies, I have restricted my activities in other artistic and commercial fields, including video, photography and multimedia arts. I believe that familiarity and mastery in different technical fields gives more freedom of action to create a commercial or artistic work, and I always try to update and expand my knowledge and ability by searching or passing classes and various experimental works.  


Imaginations and ideas

Since childhood, I loved to imagine. Later I realized that I can implement these imaginations in the form of pictures. And most of my illustrations are fantasy and sometimes childish.

I believe in applied art

My belief is more about the application of art, that is, what we call applied art has a history of thousands of years and we introduce art into various aspects of life and its practical tools.

Multimedia and visual arts

I have always tried not to work only in the form of two-dimensional images and styles and techniques